Volvo Creates a More Efficient Future With its Electric Car Initiative

The auto industry is moving toward more efficient vehicles, and Volvo is leading the pack. With Volvo's Electric Car Initiative, we'll be seeing more electric and hybrid vehicles on the road in the upcoming years.

Volvo's commitment to innovation and environmental friendliness has led the company to start its Electric Car Initiative. According to Volvo CEO, Hakan Samuelsson, the goal is to create a wide range of premium hybrid and electric vehicles, eventually moving the entire lineup into electric.

In addition to environmental friendliness, electric and hybrid vehicles have a number of other benefits. They offer instant power for improved performance, along with smooth, quiet rides. They also help you save money you would have spent on gas.

Volvo has already started making efficient vehicles, including the current lineup of T8 plug-in hybrid models. There are a variety of plug-in hybrid Volvo models available, including sedans like the S90 T8 Twin Engine E-AWD, SUVs like the XC60 T8 Twin Engine E-AWD and more. You can find a number of these efficient vehicles at our Rockville Volvo dealership.

To learn more about the upcoming electric Volvo vehicles or to get a closer look at the efficient Volvo hybrids we currently have available, come on over to our Rockville, MD Volvo dealer serving Washington DC. We would be happy to answer your questions so you can decide which of these efficient vehicles is the right fit for you.

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