Learn More about the Benefits of Leasing a New Volvo Model

Here at DARCARS Volvo cars, we've made it our mission to help you drive the car of your dreams at an affordable price! If you'd love to get more car for your money, then we'd certainly recommend leasing your vehicle from our Volvo dealership serving Gaithersburg and Germantown.

Now, you can't go wrong with leasing or financing your next Volvo model but that doesn't mean both options are right for you!

We know that leasing is the better choice if you savor the chance to drive a brand new car with all of the latest safety and entertainment options. Once your lease expires, simply trade in your vehicle and select a car from our massive inventory of new Volvo crossovers, sedans and wagons. It's that easy!

You'll also enjoy considerable savings when you decide to lease your next Volvo! That's owed to the fact that you're only required to pay a portion of the car's total value throughout the duration of a lease. In comparison to financing, you'll enjoy lower initial and monthly payments by leasing your next luxury vehicle. That's why a leased Volvo provides incredible better bang for your buck!

What's more? Your leased car is protected by factory-backed warranty coverage. Should any issues arise, you can rest assured that maintenance and service fees are covered by your bumper-to-bumper warranty!

If you fall in love with your Volvo, you'll always have the option to purchase the vehicle after your lease expires!

Now, don't forget to browse our Financial Incentives to enjoy competitive lease and loan offers on a new Volvo models. Then, just visit us in Rockville, MD to speak with an auto finance expert about the benefits of leasing a new car!

If you love the idea of driving a new Volvo model every few years at an affordable price, we highly recommend leasing a vehicle.

Wondering about the benefits of leasing vs buying?  There are lots of exciting reasons to lease a new Volvo model.  Let us break it down for you with a few FAQs:

What does it mean to lease a car?

  • Leasing a vehicle essentially means that you're borrowing it
  • You must return the vehicle at the end of the lease unless you wish you purchase it

Why should I lease?

  • Leasing a vehicle enables you to enjoy driving a brand new car with up-to-date safety and tech features every few years
  • When your lease expires, you have the option to simply trade your vehicle back in for another new car
  • If you absolutely love your Volvo, you have the option to purchase it after the lease is up

Is it cheaper to lease or buy?

  • Leasing is almost always cheaper than buying
  • You will have lower initial and monthly payments compared to financing
  • You save money by only having to pay back the car's depreciation throughout the duration of the lease
  • Maintenance and service fees are covered by warranty