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Volvo Diplomatic, Military & Tourist Sales

If you are a serving diplomat, come to our dealership for Volvo diplomatic sales benefits and special diplomatic prices. To thank you for your service, we offer a wide selection of Volvo diplomatic cars for sale. When you take advantage of the Volvo diplomatic program, you can purchase a new Volvo vehicle tax-free with your choice of either left- or right-hand drive to enjoy your new Volvo vehicle around the world.

Diplomatic Car Sales

Our dealership is proud to be part of the network of Volvo Cars locations that offer diplomatic car sales. We have been serving diplomats and their families for years and take pride in helping those who dedicate their time to helping others. With the Volvo Diplomat Program, you can always purchase a great car at a great price.

Volvo Cars Diplomatic Sales Eligibility

Volvo Cars Diplomatic Sales 

The savings vs. the local market depends on your choice of vehicle, country specification, and where you are stationed. Eligible visas and passports include:

  • NATO-1 and NATO-2, A-1 and A-2
  • G-1 through G-4
  • United Nations
  • European Union

Volvo Cars Military Sales

Volvo Cars Military Sales 

Our dealership is proud to be part of the Volvo Cars military sales program and offer the Volvo Cars military discount to qualified personnel. If you are on tour overseas or serving at home, take advantage of Volvo Cars overseas military sales and receive a military discount when you order a new Volvo vehicle during your deployment.

The savings vs. the local market depends on your choice of model, country specification, and where you are stationed. In general, there are base savings of approximately 15% below local market pricing, with special product promotions that may provide additional potential savings.

Volvo Cars has been serving the U.S. military community since the mid-1950s and has sold hundreds of thousands of Volvo vehicles to U.S. military customers.

Here are a few of the benefits of the Volvo Cars military sales program:

  • Exclusive pricing and unique offers for U.S. military members stationed overseas.
  • Custom build your Volvo vehicle and save thousands off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) when ordering abroad.
  • Five years of free shipping from Europe to the United States: Drive your Volvo vehicle in Europe for up to five years, and let us ship her to a U.S. Volvo Cars dealer of your choice.
  • Four-Year Warranty Worldwide Included. Enjoy comprehensive coverage for your new Volvo vehicle (50,000 miles).
  • Three Years of FREE Servicing. Scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 30,000 miles.
  • Three Years of Included Roadside Assistance. When driving in Europe, Volvo Cars Assistance is available 24/7.
  • No Import Duty. No U.S. import duty with PCS orders when taking delivery overseas.
  • Global Insurance Available. Enjoy peace of mind worldwide at competitive rates and terms, in partnership with Clements Worldwide.

Volvo Cars Tourist Sales

Volvo Cars Tourist Sales

Purchase a Volvo vehicle; get a vacation. Sound good? We think so too. That's why we offer the Volvo Cars tourist sales program that gives drivers a unique way to buy a new car and experience more of Europe with Volvo Cars Overseas Delivery. After your travels, bring the pleasure of driving a Volvo vehicle back home.

When you buy a new Volvo vehicle through the Volvo Cars Tourist Overseas Delivery program, you get the following benefits:

  • Haggle-free shopping experiences with Volvo Cars Tourist Overseas delivery pricing.
  • Two complimentary round-trip airline tickets to Scandinavia.
  • One free first-class hotel night in Gothenburg, Sweden - the home of Volvo Cars.
  • An exciting Volvo Cars Factory Tour or a visit to the unique Volvo Cars Brand Experience Center.
  • A special VIP delivery experience at the exclusive Volvo Cars Factory Delivery Center.
  • The opportunity to explore Europe in the comfort and safety of your own Volvo vehicle, either with one of the spectacular tours offered by Volvo Cars or on your own.
  • Extensive complimentary home shipment services to DARCARS Volvo Cars.
  • And more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Holders of Diplomatic passports and certain other visas may be eligible for the Volvo Diplomatic Sales program. Typical requirements for embassy and consulate members are you must be part of the permanent representations, missions, and delegations. Eligible members of the United Nations include the main organization, UNESCO, IBRD, and World Bank. Eligible members of the European Union include the Commission, Parliament, Institutions, and Agencies. Members of international organizations such as NATO and OECD are also eligible.

After you take advantage of the Volvo diplomatic discount on new cars for serving diplomats, you'll want to pick up your vehicle or have her delivered to you. You can take local delivery of your new Volvo vehicle at DARCARS Volvo Cars, at your current posting outside the United States, or at your next posting to most countries worldwide (with only a few exceptions).

Factory delivery also is available, so be sure to ask our sales team about this option. Diplomatic customers are one of the few VIP customer groups who can take advantage of the exclusive Volvo Cars Factory Delivery service. Take delivery of your new car at the Factory Delivery Center in Gothenburg and get a VIP experience, which can also include the Volvo Cars Factory Tour, the Volvo Cars Museum, Volvo Cars Brand Experience Center, and more.

U.S. Armed Forces members, Department of Defense (DOD) civilian employees, and civilians contracted to the U.S. Armed Forces are typically eligible to participate in the Volvo Cars military sales program, provided that the person holds a valid U.S. Military ID Card and is assigned on official orders to a location outside the USA and its territories for a minimum of 140 days.

After you order a vehicle through the Volvo Military Sales program, you'll want to take possession of your new car. Delivery is available in Europe or in the United States, whichever is appropriate. Contact us to learn more about convenient shipping options.

To be eligible for the Volvo Cars Tourist Sales and Overseas Delivery Program, you must be a U.S. resident, have a valid driver's license and passport, and be at least 18 years old. You are also required to bring your new Volvo vehicle back to the United States within six months of taking European delivery to remain exempt from a levy of the EU VAT (25% of purchase price) by the Swedish tax authorities.

Volvo Cars handles most of the charges to ship your new Volvo vehicle to your local U.S. dealer. In fact, shipping from Gothenburg is free of charge. For other drop-off points, you only pay to transport your Volvo vehicle to the final leading port. For tourists, the Volvo Home Shipment Program is only valid for six months.

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