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This page will inform you about Volvo transmission fluid service as well as common signs and symptoms that may indicate immediate service. You can use Volvo Valet to schedule your appointment or speak with a service advisor.

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Volvo Transmission Fluid 101

At the most basic level, transmission fluid serves the same purpose as engine oil. It keeps the entire assembly of rotating parts lubricated, protected, and cooled. Modern automatic transmissions undergo internal changes thousands of times per minute.

Volvo transmission fluid varies by year and transmission type, but all variants allow rotational energy from the engine to drive a network of clutches, gears, valves, and solenoids via hydraulic pressure. As transmission fluid and internal parts age, these internal sequences lose precision. While the latest transmission fluids are filled at the factory for the life of the vehicle, regular inspections are still needed to monitor for leaks and other related issues that might compromise system function.

How Do You Know it's Time for Volvo Transmission Fluid Service?

Your owner's manual is a great place to start. If you have a new Volvo vehicle, the factory has specified that a fluid service is reserved for vehicles used for towing or when a dashboard warning light illuminates. Typically, your vehicle is scheduled for a Volvo transmission fluid check every 50,000 miles. Here are some classic symptoms that indicate it's time for service.

Your Transmission Warning Lights Have Come On

If you've been driving a Volvo vehicle from the last 20 years, you've got some version of transmission warning lights. Typically, there are two. The latest generation of computer-modulated transmissions will have three. These lights include an orange gear with an exclamation point in the center. This symbol indicates improper Volvo transmission fluid levels and a higher operating temperature. Next, you might see a red gear with a thermometer in the middle. This is a transmission over-temp warning, and it is essential that you pull over and let it cool. Common causes are towing and improper service. Lastly, you might see a turtle illuminate. This is your vehicle's way of telling you it has put itself into "limp" mode by reducing speed and dynamics.

All Gas & No Go

If you feel like your vehicle is revving too high without proper gear shift changes, this might indicate a few different issues. With newer vehicles, you'll have transmission warning lights come on that will shed light on the subject, but in older models, it can be tougher to determine the cause without proper equipment. Common causes include low transmission fluid levels, failed shift solenoids, worn fluid, worn clutches, or a dirty filter & valve block.

She Won't Take A Gear, Or You Experience Awful Smells & Sounds

These are extreme cases and don't come out of nowhere. Usually, this end-of-the-line scenario comes from years of neglect. If a Volvo transmission fluid leak has been neglected for some time, a seal can burst. In other instances, fluid and components might be so badly worn that internal components might fracture. When this happens, slashing & grinding can be heard when any gear state is taken. Lastly, when your faithful transmission has completely failed, you won't be able to move at all.


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Schedule Your Volvo Transmission Fluid Change Today

If you have an older Volvo model or detect that something isn't right, let our team have a look. It's easy to avoid the unexpected so just let our service advisor know that you prefer an additional inspection at your next Volvo oil change.

At that time, they might recommend a full system service or a Volvo transmission fluid flush. The transmission fluid is completely flushed and replaced with new fluid, filters, and other components are potentially renewed.

We've also created the My Volvo Experience program, which offers complimentary inspections, connected services, roadside assistance, and more. Ask your service advisor about this and all the benefits just waiting for you to enjoy in Rockville, MD, and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should Volvo transmission fluid be changed?

To ensure that your Volvo transmission fluid is still in good condition, you should get a Volvo transmission fluid inspection every 50,000 miles. Specific transmission fluid change intervals will vary by vehicle but can typically be at around 90,000 miles. Find the interval in your Volvo owner's manual or contact our Volvo service advisors near Washington, DC, to learn more, and visit our Volvo service center to get a competitively-priced Volvo transmission fluid change.

What happens if you don't change your transmission fluid?

If you don't change your transmission fluid, total disaster can occur. As your Volvo transmission fluid ages through tens of thousands of miles, it will lose its lubrication potential. Precision components are moving under extreme forces in your transmission. Ineffective transmission fluid can cause them to become damaged from the extreme forces, and when that damage occurs, your vehicle will lose its ability to drive. Don't put off a transmission fluid service; find service coupons and schedule your transmission service at DARCARS Volvo Cars in Rockville, MD.

What are the signs that you need a transmission flush?

The signs that you need a transmission fluid flush include:

  • Transmission "slipping" under acceleration
  • Transmission shifts are sluggish
  • Transmission makes grinding noises
  • Engine stalls out (on automatic models)
  • Dashboard transmission warning lights appear

Schedule a Volvo transmission service as soon as possible if any of these transmission symptoms occur, as severe transmission damage may be imminent.

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