Volvo T5 Vs. T6 Engine: What's The Difference?

Volvo T5 VS T6

What's the difference between the Volvo T5 vs. T6 engines? Quite a bit, actually! Our master mechanic tells all on this handy information page. We'll tell you about how these engines are configured, what models & trims you'll see them on, and what that means for you, the driver. We'll even mention the evolution of these engines and how they relate to the P8 engines found in our Volvo Hybrid SUVs.

What Does Volvo T5 vs. T6 Mean, Anyway?

Let's start at the very beginning. No matter which engine you choose for your Volvo vehicle, all engines are part of the Volvo Cars Drive-E family of propulsion systems. What does that mean? All Drive-E engines are designed to create the most efficiency for your drive, with the most consideration for the environment. In other words, all engines are optimized for the highest level of performance, with Earth-friendly engineering built in!

Understandably, comparing the Volvo T5 vs. T6 engines can leave shoppers wondering where they fit in the model portfolio. Other engines — including the T4, B5, B6, T8, & P8 — also exist, leaving shoppers to decode something of an alphabet soup. The common thread is that all propulsion systems are still part of the Volvo Drive-E family. The letter indicates the energy source (type of 'fuel') and the number indicating available power within the family (4 being the least and 8 being the most).

Before we dig into the Volvo T5 vs. T6 in terms of power, assembly, and application, let's also clear up a common misconception. While all internal combustion engines in the Drive-E family benefit from turbochargers & superchargers, the "T" does not indicate turbocharged. The "T" indicates the type of fuel used in the engine - and in this case, "T" stands for gasoline. So, for instance, if you see the badging on a Volvo XC60 with a T5 beside it, you know it indicates a gas engine vs. the P8 powertrain developed by Polestar - which is a fully electrified performance powertrain.

What's the Difference Between T5 and T6 in Terms of Power?

This is probably the most pressing question for most of our shoppers. Both of these are aluminum engines. Both of them enjoy forced induction for maximum output. The T5 is a turbocharged four-cylinder that generates 250 horsepower. The T6 engine is also a four-cylinder unit, but it's wrapped by both turbocharger and a supercharger, resulting in 316 horsepower. This question invariably opens the box to the following:

What models are these available on?

It'll come down to the Volvo T5 vs. T6 as an option on nearly all Volvo Cars models, with a few exceptions. You can choose either of these engines in the Volvo XC40, the Volvo XC60, the Volvo XC90, Volvo S60, Volvo S90, & Volvo V90. The only exceptions are the Volvo V60 Cross-Country which uses the Volvo T5 engine exclusively, while the Volvo XC40 is the only model to make the Volvo T4 engine available.

Which of the trims offer AWD?

In short, the Volvo T5 engine allows you to be more flexible with FWD & AWD options as final drives. Either configuration is mated to the Volvo Geartronic eight-speed automatic transmission. The Volvo T6 engine also uses the same transmission but is permanently fixed to an AWD configuration. Let us take this one step further. A lot of our customers use the word "trim" and "engine" interchangeably. In this case, thinking about the Volvo T5 vs. T6 as trims isn't necessarily the way to go. The actual trims available from Volvo Cars are the Momentum, R-Design, & Inscription, while the badging of T4, T5, T6, etc., refer to engine designation within model trims.

The Flagship Volvo XC90 T5 vs. T6: Up Close & Personal

The Volvo XC90 is our flagship family SUV. With seating for seven, standard semi-autonomous driving, standard leather, standard Volvo ADAS safety, standard keyless entry, & a standard panoramic glass sunroof, you'll find that this incredible model is anything but standard! There are plug-in hybrid variants available, but you'll also be able to configure your Volvo XC90 with either the Volvo T5 engine or the Volvo T6 engine. Keep in mind that your final Volvo XC90 T5 vs. T6 configuration will determine horsepower, AWD, or optional FWD.

The Agile Volvo XC60 T5 vs. T6: For Families on the Go

If you're thinking about the Volvo XC60 T5 vs. T6 for your next family vehicle, there's no need to worry about what doesn't come in this SUV because, like the Volvo XC90, so much comes standard. You'll enjoy adaptive LED headlights, LED DRLs, LED tail lights, smart-device connectivity, voice command, leather seating, and so much more. Our model specialists can help you decide which engine is right for your family by asking you just a few basic questions. Drop them an email to get started!

250 horsepower.

316 horsepower.

T stands for gasoline.

Between the Volvo T5 vs. T6 engines, only the T6 is available as supercharged. That said, the T8 engine is also twin-charged but consists of a four-cylinder engine, a turbocharger, a supercharger, and a PHEV battery system.

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